Bodum Yo Yo Tea Infuser

For my birthday my wife presented me with a Bodum Yo Yo Tea Infuser to allow me to enjoy a loose leaf brew at the office.

The benefits of using an infuser such as this is that it gives the tea leaves more movement and allows the leaves space to expand which releases the flavours. Also, when filling the cup, you are adding the hot water directly on top of the leaves, making sure that the oxygen in the water can bring the taste and aroma.  Therefore the Bodum Yo Yo Tea Infuser will give a better brew when compared to a tea ball infuser which are often quite small, constraining the tea.

The infuser features a glass mug, plastic mesh infuser and a lid. The box suggests that you place the lid on top of the infuser when brewing and then put the infuser on the lid when done – however, if using at your desk like me you will find that using the lid will leave nice watermarks and tea stains on your desk, so don’t use the lid as a tray for the infuser or find something else to put it on.

All in all – I like the Bodum Yo Yo Tea Infuser – you get a good brew and I use it daily.


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