The Enjoyment of Tea at Work

At work I spend the day working in front of a computer as software developer.  It is recommended that in such a role you should take a short break at least once an hour, spending a few minutes away from the desk stretching your legs and resting eyes. Now, I found a good way to do this is to take the time to make a proper brew.

I use a tea infuser and keep some quality loose leaf tea in my drawer for some proper tea enjoyment. Now my tea break is taken by selecting a tea to brew, cleaning out the infuser, adding the tea and watching it brew.

Create your own tea break ritual and prepare your cuppa carefully and mindfully. Select your tea, take notice of the fragrance of the leaves and the colour changes as the tea brews. This will give you a moment to reflect, think and relax.

The moment will allow you return to your desk feeling refreshed – your body and mind will thank you for it.


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