Tazo Breakfast Tea at Go Eat

While on my daily lunch time wander around Newcastle, I happened upon Go Eat at Northumbria Univerity, and I decided to see what they had to offer for a brew.

Inside; the cafe was well stocked with a substantial range of sandwiches, hot food, snacks and drinks.

I selected a cheese scone, cranberry and yogurt tiffin and a black tea. This came in at under £4, which is not too bad, although it was ‘no frills’ take out style establishment. Anyhow, I was handed a paper cup of boiling water and directed to a display with a selection of teas by Tazo. I selected my usual breakfast tea and took a seat.

I tore open the satchet and smelled the delicate floral fragrance of Darjeeling tea. I added the bag to the water and let it brew for a few minutes while I took in the surroundings. The cafe was frequented by Univerity teachers and students and is quite modern and clean. The ambience  was quiet with the murmur of conversation in the background.

When the brewing was done, I tasted the tea – the Darjeeling was the dominant flavour which was quite unexpected, and the usual malty notes of a breakfast tea not so strong. The scone and tiffin were rather tasty and filling.

To sumerise: Go Eat is worth a visit and is good value for money, and Tazo’s breakfast tea is a very good brew.


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