Meet and Treat

Located on Bath Street in Newcastle, Meet and Treat is a hipster style café with retro fittings and fixtures, lit with bare light-bulbs with chilled music adding to a relaxed atmosphere. The menu on a giant blackboard outlines their wide range of teas and coffee along with sweet treats, breakfast and Chinese food.

My warm toasted croissant was accompanied with jam, butter and clotted cream (perhaps a happy accident?). I loaded the croissant with the clotted cream and jam – this was a treat to be had and should be repeated without fail!

The delicious rocky road was filled with honeycomb and chocolate balls with chunky multi-coloured marshmallows.

There was a tea menu with several teas – the waitress recommended the Earl Gray Creme. This delightful brew was light with subtle hints of bergmont oil and creamy flavour from the blue corn flowers.

I enjoyed my lunch time at Meet and Treat, watching the world go by with it chilled atmosphere and great staff.


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